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The 2nd Annual Jazz and Wine Festival is now accepting applications to expand their fine art exhibits.


The Jazz and Wine Festival scenic setting overlooking the Mississippi River is the perfect setting for this cultural event. The 2017 inaugural event entertained 3000 attendees with Grammy Award winning jazz musicians, multiple food and wine venders and numerous artists selling a variety of media. The 2018 Jazz and Wine Festival’s expanded art show partners established and upcoming artists with the jazz event to showcase and sell their original fine art. The show hours are from 5pm-9pm on September 8th.

  • Artist amenities include a 10X10 designated area in large event tent, general lighting, free parking, water and security.
  • Advertising and promotion of this event are a top priority. Social media, print publication, banners, posters and signage will be utilized to promote the event.


-Each artist must complete an online application.
August 10th
-Artist will be notified by August 17th of their acceptance.
-Application fee* will be applied to Booth Fee.


  • Artist must be present during the festival and are expected to remain for the entire event.
  • Reproductions of paintings, drawings, prints and photographs or any other media are allowed only if the original design of the artist and must be labeled as such. The Festival strives to present a high quality event and requests the artist bring as many original pieces as possible.
  • The Jazz and Wine Committee collects no commission on sales
  • Artists are responsible for their own display.
  • Set up is allowed after 1pm on the day of the event and should be completely set up by 4:30pm. Set up times and artist placement will be arranged by the Committee.
  • The Committee is a non-profit with an all-volunteer board. Any proceeds from the festival are used to secure future events at the Liberty Bank Amphitheater.
  • Each entry requires a short artist statement and a brief description explaining the creative process and media.
  • Each entry requires a minimum of 3 photos of design style.
  • Items that are mass-produced made in a workroom or factory, machine made from molds or kits are not allowed.
  • This is not a juried event.
  • *To offer a wide variety of media, as well as assure the event remains consistent with the Committee desired goal of displaying original fine art, the Committee retains the right to limit artist exhibiting in the following categories.


Work produced from clay, earthenware, stoneware, terra cotta or porcelain.

Images made with the primary assistance of a computer and/or featuring technological components such as a mouse, programs or tablets. Printed works in this category must be processed under the artist’s direct supervision, printed in limited editions of no more than 250 on archival paper, have the print media identified, and be signed and numbered by the artist. Artists must disclose their creative and printing process at the time of application and have a description on display in their booth.

The drawing category includes works created using dry media such as charcoal, crayons, chalk, graphite, pastels, pencils, ink or markers. The printmaking category is for images that are hand-pulled from stones, plates, glass or screened surfaces using a printing process, roller or hand brayer. All prints must be properly signed and limited to editions of no more than 250. Artists must disclose their creative and printing process at the time of application and have a description on display in their booth. 2D or 3D work made from a variety of materials including but not exclusive to fibers, paper, glass beads, stones, found objects, clay, acrylic and leather. These materials may be manipulated in a variety of methods including but not exclusive to quilting, casting, collage, basketry, embroidery, sewing, bookmaking, jewelry and batik to create functional and non-functional objects. Functional and/or sculptural objects created by blowing, kiln, casting or molding method as well as all cold processes. Objects created with the intent to be worn as ornamentation by fabricating various materials including gems, fine metals and semi-precious stones. 2D or 3D objects that combine various visual arts media — for example, a work on canvas that combines paint, ink and collage. 2D works using the medium of oil or acrylic. Works produced with the primary use of a camera to capture an original. Though some images are modified using digital media or production materials, all prints are considered reproductions of the original. Therefore, Art on the Square requires that all photographic prints be limited to editions of no more than 250. These prints must be processed under the direct supervision of the artist and must be made from the artist’s original file or digital media. Each print must and signed by the artist and clearly visible on the front surface of the image whether it is printed on archival paper, canvas, metal, wood, clay or any other picture plane.

Prints that have been manipulated or treated, as a painted surface must be clearly labeled as “Artist Manipulated Photograph.” This includes but is not limited to prints that have been varnished, textured or coated in any way. These prints must also and signed by the artist on the front surface of the image and clearly visible when matted, framed or mounted.
3D work created by the artist in any medium. 2D works using other media including tempera, gouache and watercolor. Original works made from wood that are hand-tooled, machine worked, turned or carved. QUESTIONS? Email sarahbethhoefert@stephancompany.com or call Sarah Beth Hoefert at 618-593-0756

Please check out the link below to view musician lineup, event details or to buy tickets.


Disclaimer : By participating in the Jazz & Wine Festival Art show, artist grant permission to the Liberty Bank Amphitheater Commission and those of the Jazz & Wine committee to photograph the exhibit, including artist and their works and their likeness for promotional or advertising materials.


* Please mail or email 3 photographs, images or web link of your products.
* Brief Artist Statement
$10 Application Fee (Non-Refundable)
Once you receive notification of acceptance the balance of $40 is due by August 31.
Please make checks payable to the City of Alton Amphitheater Commission and mail to Sarah Beth Hoefert at address below.
All Credit Card payments should be made directly to Alton City Hall 101 E. 3rd St. Alton, IL 62002 or mail in the completed form and include card info to Sarah Beth Hoefert.
Click here for printable PDF document
Mail or email* all by Saturday, August 10th to sarahbeth@stephancompany.com
Sarah Beth Hoefert
200 West 3rd St.
Suite 110
Alton, IL 62002
Check here to acknowledge you have read and understand the requirements to participate.